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It's wonderful to be near a fireplace with friends or family, enjoying a crackling woodfire together. Woodstoves are real atmosphere creators and give a pleasant warmth during cold winter days. But also in springtime and fall a woodstove provides a pleasant additional heating. With a woodstove you can enjoy the magic of fire throughout the year. Sustainable in many ways.

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Fire makes you feel at home

When you choose a woodstove you will soon be attached to it. A wood stove increases the value of your home. Not only can you enjoy a gorgeous fire, but you can also dream away staring into the flames. In the meantime your livingroom is heated in an very pleasant way. You can enjoy fire, created by using the latest techniques. And did you know that a wood fire can be made in a responsible way? Van Manen organizes special evenings where experts learn how to lit a clean fire. We want to help so you can really enjoy your fire at home.

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Jøtul F163

Contemporary design, optimum efficiency and a well-fitting power, these characteristics come together in the Jøtul F163. This atmospheric freestanding woodstove is suitable for a well-insulated home or a smaller living room. The Jøtul F163 is easy to use and fits with its modern appearance in almost any interior. Do you want to know more about this beautiful woodstove or learn about responsible burning with a woodstove? Contact us. We would like to share our knowledge.

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The fire of your dreams in 6 steps

How do you know which fireplace is best for you and your interior? In 6 steps we will help you find the fire of your dreams.

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Light your fire in a responsible way

Do you know how to build a good fire? Our ancestors learned it from generation to generation. Nowadays it's even more important to create a clean fire. Van Manen organizes special evenings where experts learn how to light a clean fire, without causing a lot of smoke. After this evening you can fully enjoy the magic of fire.

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The showroom, always up-to-date

Our showroom constantly changes. In Barneveld you will find the latest models with the most modern techniques. From the moment you set foot in our showroom, you'll be provided with helpful support and expert knowledge. We are willing to go the extra mile, so you won't leave Barneveld before you know all you need to know. We hope to welcome you soon. We love to share our knowledge and make you excited about fire, just like we are.

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