Van Manen fires and stoves works together with different parties to be able to realize the most beautiful projects. In various new construction projects throughout the Netherlands we are involved in the installation of a fire or stove. For example, buyers of a newly built house can easily choose a fire or stove that suits their wishes before the house is completed. That way the house and the stove are completed at the same time, and no renovation or demolition is necessary at a later stage. Would you like to know more about the projects we are currently working on?

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Combi-Flam system for apartment building

An example of a unique project is the collaboration with the Belgian producer Flam. Van Manen and Flam have developed the Combi-Flam system to drain the fumes of multiple gas fires from the Flam Ambi series in apartment buildings to one common concentric drain. This way you can also enjoy the beautiful spectacle of flames of a gas fire in an apartment building. Want to know more about the Combi-Flam system? Read more..

'Huis en haard projecten'

‘Huis en Haard Projecten’ focuses its activities especially on business. A crackling fire, an atmospheric gas stove or a romantic fireplace are seen as an added value in your project. An indispensable atmosphere creator in every lobby, waiting room or office. If you own a construction company or are an architect, we would like to work with you. This can also be the case when you, as an (interior) architect, are challenged and wish for expert advice and consideration. We think beyond the fire, the further layout of the room also gets attention. Or maybe you are a contractor or project developer and you want to market your project distinctively? Also then we would like to go along with that challenge. From the beginning of the construction process, our added value is clearly visible. Thinking of solutions early will prevent disappointments in the construction phase. But also as a private client you can go to Huis en Haard Projecten for expert and independent advice.

Our starting point

A fire or stove for every situation, with customized advice as a guarantee for sustainable quality, safety and customer satisfaction. In a changing market, ‘Huis en Haard Projecten’ provides added value and atmosphere as a final product. Whether it's one fire in a home or business space or about 100 stoves or fires in your project.


Huis en Haard thinks along in wishes, challenges and solutions. We literally and figuratively put ourselves in your position. We arrive at your home or on site to view the situation. Drawings are discussed, plans are forged. The common ideas are illustrated to get the best results. In the meantime, we will visit the showroom of one of the offices to view and discuss details. We would like to think along with you to achieve a nice end result together.