A Kalfire fire is the result of the quest for perfection. In design. In engineering. In performance. In everything!

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Kalfire is a Dutch family business that has over 35 years of experience in fires and stoves. All Kalfire fireplaces are high quality products. The gas fires have lifelike flames, sleek design, high efficiency and are ease to use . A Kalfire gas fire is an enrichment of your interior and is always the perfect translation of your personal taste. Kalfire has an extensive collection with numerous possibilities. The Kalfire products are produced according to the highest quality standards. They choose the best materials and reliable techniques, so you can be sure that you'll enjoy an unique fire for years.

Natural Spark Generator

The conveniences of a gas fire, but still the image of a lifelike wood fire? That's possible with a Kalfire gas fire with Natural Spark Generator (NSG). This technology creates small sparks that escape from the flames and burn out slowly, resulting in an amazingly realistic simulation of a wood fire. The NSG is available for all fires with a prestige burner. Kalfire’s patented innovations have taken gas fires to another level, making them a benchmark in the market. Experience this beautiful fire at our showroom!


  • Authentic fire image
  • Sparks are created
  • Natural flames

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