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The easy way to enjoy a fire

With a gas fire you can enjoy a magical fire with maximum convenience. With the remote control you are able to create the fire of your dreams. Do you want a full and intense fire? Or rather have a smouldering fire? You are in charge with just one simple click on the remote control. Sit down, make yourself at home, relax and enjoy the flickering flames.

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A different kind of fire

In the past there was a coal fire; intense, indispensable and dirty. Nowadays there is a gas fire; clean, convenient and safe. With a gas fire, you can easily enjoy a breathtaking fire. Discover the different kind of fire at Van Manen fireplaces.

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The installation of a gasfire

When you want to place a gasfire into your house, please don't do it yourself. It may looks easy, but the installation of a fire is a specialism. All our employees are certificated to build safe installations which meet the latest laws and regulations.

How we work

The fire of your dreams in 6 logic steps

How do you know which fireplace is best for you and your interior? In 6 steps we will help you find the fire of your dreams.

How we do it

Save energy with the Eco Wave

Controlled temperature and still a stunning fire? That's simple with Dru’s Eco Wave technique. With this technique you can reduce the power of the burner, while maintaining a gorgeous fire image! Creating a snug area in your home has never been so rewarding.

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The showroom, always up-to-date

Our showroom constantly changes. In Barneveld you will find the latest models with the most modern techniques. From the moment you set foot in our showroom, you'll be provided with helpful support and expert knowledge. We are willing to go the extra mile, so you won't leave Barneveld before you know all you need to know. We hope to welcome you soon. We love to share our knowledge and make you excited about fire, just like we are.

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