Element4 creates contemporary gas fires with style! All stoves have an impeccable appearance and are easy to use.

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A contemporary interior asks for a modern fire. Element4 creates fire with a gorgeous sleek design. Innovation is extremely important, both in technology and design. Element4 produces a broad range of high quality gas fires. Stylish, but easy to use. An asset for any interior.

Quad burner

Element4’s Quad burner consists of 5 burners that can be switched in 4 different ways. That means enjoying a realistic fire, but with the convenience of a gas fire! The new Quad burner technology gives you maximum control over the fire view and temperature. The power is optimally adjustable, from 2kW with 1 burner to 15 kW when all burners are switched on. That way you can create exactly the temperature and fire view that you’re looking for!

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