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Simply create an enchanting fire

Looking for an easy and safe way to enjoy an enchanting fire? Stop looking! An electric fire gives you the magical atmosphere of dancing flames, without an actual fire. How? The image of fire is created by LED-lightning, mirrors and water vapor technology. The fire has a highly realistic flame-effect and the only thing you need is a power outlet. No chimney needed, no need to install a flue, just a simple plug that goes into the socket. The manufacturers of these electric fires are always challenging themselves to create the most realistic fire possible. Get inspired by these fires and take a look at our showroom.

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Realistic flames without a chimney

No matches are needed when you want to enjoy an electric fire, only a power outlet. An electric fire is available in different types and sizes. Are you looking for a small cassette, a larger model or maybe an electric fires to compliment your mantelpiece? Van Manen has it! Create the perfect look for your home and taste. Discover the different varieties at our showroom and get inspired.

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Built in electric fireplaces

Faber Opti-myst

The three-dimensional fire image with smoke effect of the Faber Opti-myst provides a realistic fire image. Faber wants people to enjoy an electric fire as much as any other fire. Faber wants the best of the best and created the Opti-myst technique. Thanks to this technique the fire is full and realistic. Come to our showroom and get enchanted!

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