Dik Geurts

Craftsmanship, warmth and design, that's what you get with a Dik Geurts stove! All quality products designed to create a beautiful, crackling wood fire.

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Dik Geurts

The Dik Geurts woodstoves are characterized by craftsmanship, warmth and design. When you choose Dik Geurts, you choose innovative technical quality as a result of years of experience. The Dik Geurts stoves are easy to use and have a high efficiency. That way you can fully enjoy a real wood fire.

Optimal combustion

The high efficiency of the Dik Geurts fireplaces is achieved by using smart techniques combined with the best materials. All Dik Geurts wood fires and stoves deliver high efficiency and the cleanest possible combustion. All models meet the most stringent quality standards and certifications, so they are the very pinnacle of wood burning technology. With Dik Geurts, anyone can produce a glorious wood fire. So let the fire of Dik Geurts seduce you!

A selection of Dik Geurts fires

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