Van Manen fires and stoves is an active member of branch organization Nederlandse Haarden-en Kachelbranche (NHK). The branch organization ensures craftsmanship, responsibility and safety.


Through regular checks, the branch organization ensures that members and their staff are also up to date qualitatively. The market for fires and stoves is constantly changing. In order to keep up, members regularly participate in courses and must have the diploma of the vocational training Fires, Stoves and Flues.


The NHK member takes responsibility for the entire installation. Should there be any disagreement, it can be solved relatively easily with the help of the Foundation ‘Geschillencommissies Sfeerverwarming’ (SGS).


Craftsmanship and responsibility are both in service of safety. When it comes to advice to the consumer, the environment plays an important part in and around the house. This is taken into account. Members of the branch organization guarantee safe and carefree enjoyment. The fire or stove only gets installed if a sustainable and safe use is possible. Are you looking for a stove or fire and you want to be sure that you’re dealing with a company that possesses the right knowledge? A fire company that is affiliated with the NHK guarantees that security. In the SVG, the one hundred best and most renowned companies in the retail trade in fires,

stoves and flues are united in the Netherlands. The NHK promotes with members:

  • Giving professional advice
  • Professional competence
  • Professional knowledge
  • A large range of the best fires and stoves
  • Following trends in the field of design and materials
  • Providing expert service Guaranteeing quality