To optimally enjoy your wood fire, it is important to burn properly. That way you not only get the perfect flame, but there is also no nuisance. Van Manen fires and stoves finds it important that people burn properly and organizes a burning night multiple times a year. We are experts in the field of wood burning and know which wood to use and which techniques to apply like no other.

During this night, the burning theory is explained by means of a presentation. After that you can put the theory into practice right away. Various fires will be used in the showroom, so you can burn in a fireplace that is comparable with your own fire. We use the Swiss method with this.

SBurning begins with the choice of wood. It is important to burn dry wood that is suitable for combustion in a fireplace. The use of unsuitable fuels leads to very high emissions and causes negative consequences short term (neighbourhood nuisance) and long term (environmental damage).  

What is allowed: wel:                                                                 

  • Cleaved wood (with an exception of pinewood) and untreated waste wood
  • Pressed wood (wood briquettes) and pressed wood dust (pellets)
  • Wood needs to be sufficiently dry (moisture percentage between 15 and 20%)

What is not allowed:

  • Treated wood
  • Wood that is treated with preservation products
  • Painted or lacquered wood
  • SParticleboard, laminated wood, plywood etc.
  • Plastics
  • Residual waste

It is important that the future and liveability of our world for the coming generations is thought about now. Wood combustion can harm the environment substantially when the rules are not followed. After a visit on our burn night you know how to burn environmentally conscious and nothing holds you back from enjoying a crackling wood fire.