The pellet stove is a modern device that provides warmth and atmosphere in a very responsible way. For the combustion, pellets are used. That means a pellet stove creates fire by using renewable energy.

Renewable energy source

A pellet is a granule, which consists of compressed material. The grains look a bit like cat litter, but consist exclusively of organic material, for example pruning waste or sawdust from sawmills. Pellets therefore fall under the so-called renewable energy sources. Unfortunately, there is a lot of difference in quality in pellets, so it is not always clear to the end user whether the pellets are suitable for the incinerator. For this reason, please pay attention to the instructions for use with your device. That prevents a lot of trouble.

Comfortable heat with a pellet stove

The pellet stove is a heating source, which is particularly suitable as an addition to your existing heating system. At cold moments, a pellet stove can perfectly capture the peaks in multiple rooms. So you can warmly and comfortably warm your home on cold and sunny days with a pellet stove.

Pellet stoves selected for quality and design

Our range of pellet stoves consists of appliances that are selected for quality and design. Our pellet stoves are also 'EcoDesign ready' . They meet the most current requirements and are all eligible for the ISDE subsidy scheme.

Important advantages:

  • Easy operation
  • Temperature easily adjustable 
  • Safe (if properly installed and maintained)
  • Clean combustion

Certified installation by our own technicians

The installation of an appliance on solid fuels (wood and pellets) must comply with legal requirements and current regulations. Safety and the environment are paramount, a pellet stove may never end up on the façade . We are a DE-approved company and our consultants and installers have the current diplomas and thus the latest knowledge of all types of fireplaces and stoves . This allows you to enjoy the warmth and atmosphere of your pellet stove without worrying .

Use and maintenance of a pellet stove

A pellet stove is easy to operate so you can enjoy warmth and atmosphere quickly and without much effort. With most pellet stoves optional operation via a tablet is possible. Regular maintenance can be done by the user himself (cleaning the window, cleaning the combustion chamber). Do you want to enjoy your device for a long time? Then it is important that you have annual maintenance carried out by us. Would you like to know more about our extensive and versatile range of pellet stoves ? Visit our showroom in Barneveld. Our advisor will be happy to help you.