Heating a home will become more and more customized in the coming years. Are you looking for a comfortable warmth and do you want to save on your energy costs at the same time? In many cases a (local) fireplace or stove offers the solution! An atmospheric solution that fits perfectly within the energy objectives of our society. How? We would like to explain that to you!

Dutch Energy in transition


Climate, energy and the environment ... Three topics that are of great importance for the future! In the Climate Agreement and the Energy Act, the government has formulated important objectives that we all have to contribute to. We are ready to work with you to find the perfect solution for your home.


Ready for the future with a Van Manen stove


We have adjusted our policy and assortment and are therefore ready for the future! We only offer responsible heating. This means that we have an eye for climate, energy and the environment and only supply the best fireplaces and stoves that meet the highest quality standards. This way you know that you can not make a wrong choice with us. Responsible heating is something we do together!



Smart mix of energy sources


Heating your home starts with good insulation. This is necessary to keep the heat in your home for longer. After that it is mainly a matter of smart combination. For example, choose an atmospheric fireplace in combination with a heat pump, a (hybrid) heating installation and / or solar panels. With such a comfortable and smart mix your home is ready for the future!


Why heat locally with a fireplace or stove?


A heat pump emits a constant radiant heat of around 20 degrees. But what if you really need to warm up for example after a winter walk in the woods? A local heat source is the ultimate way to get comfortable. Ignite the fire from your wood or pellet stove or your gas fireplace , after which a wonderful warmth fills the room. A heat pump can not cope with that comfortable heat!



Responsible assortment in our attractive showroom


In addition to good advice, a certified installation and training, we also offer a responsible range of devices. All our models comply with EcoDesign , a European directive with regulations for a large number of energy-related products, which will come into effect in 2022. This way you are assured of responsible energy use, high efficiency and low emissions. That is also the reason that you will not find an open fireplace without a door (fireplace).


Sustainable alternatives for responsible heating


Do you want to replace or renovate your polluting fireplace? With us you will find particularly good and sustainable alternatives to heat your home responsibly. For example, choose a fireplace insert that can be easily placed. Our advisors will be happy to inform you about the possibilities that suit your needs and interior.



Appropriate solution for every home


We like to think along in a suitable solution, on our website we show the responsible options with the various fuels.


Fuel types: 
• Wood
• Gas
• Pellets
• Electric
• Bio-ethanol


Van Manen invests in the future


Van Manen fireplaces and stoves invest in the future by bringing atmosphere and warmth together in a responsible way. Visit our showroom , view our extensive range of fireplaces and stoves and discover how you can heat your home responsibly!