An open fire provides a clear view of the flames; there is no window placed in front of this fire. Because the fire has an open connection with the room, the efficiency is minimum and the emission of harmful substances maximum. That is why Van Manen fires and stoves has no open fires in its range.

Nowadays, wood fires are made with the most modern techniques, so it seems like you are sitting near an open fire. The glass is not or barely visible, the efficiency high and the emissions low. That way you can enjoy the fire in a responsible way.

With the introduction of the EcoDesign guidelines in 2022, it is likely that burning a traditional open fire will also be prohibited in The Netherlands short term. An existing open fire can, in most cases, be easily replaced by an insert fire or built-in fire. By placing an insert or built-in fire, the combustion is optimized. The most modern fires even get an efficiency of 80% or higher! The emission of harmful substances is also heavily restricted to within the prescribed limits.