Ever seen water burning ?! Faber has developed a 3-dimensional fire image with smoke effect. Never before the electric fire burned so realistically. The Opti-myst fire image makes an end to the alternative feel of electric fires.


Electric fires can be placed wherever you want. Just ‘plug and play’. They are environmentally friendly, easy to use and safe for children. As real as the fire image looks, the fire does not get hot. A great method so to add atmosphere in all the desired spaces.


Only power and water needed, so can be placed almost anywhere

A water tank, light (LED or halogen), heat and an evaporator create revolutionary flames, not distinguishable from real fire. On a full reservoir the fire burns 8-10 hours. The released ultra-thin water vapor also contributes to the moisture balance in the home. The new Cassette 500 and 1000 Opti myst also have the option of connecting the reservoir to a fixed water connection in addition to the existing options. This series of Opti-myst Cassettes is also very suitable for linking. The fire image continues. This allows you to create any desired setting.

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