Do you choose Van Manen fires and stoves? Then you go into business with a 'DE' recognized company with expert advisors and installers who have current knowledge and regulations when it comes to fires and stoves.

In order to ensure consumers that an installer has the right knowledge, the Dutch government has established the 'DE' (Sustainable Energy) certification. Van Manen fires and stoves in Barneveld are registered in the register of recognized 'DE' companies. Thanks to this certification, consumers are assured that they are dealing with a professional company with important knowledge of fires and stoves. In 2009, The European Community has established guidelines that the EC Member States should use to train and certify installers and companies operating in bio-appliances. Under the European Renewable Energy Directive, the Dutch government promotes that wood-fired fireplaces, stoves and boilers will only be installed by a certified installer who owns the diploma of Vocational training Fires, Stoves and Flues. Recognized 'DE' companies let all wood-fired fireplaces, stoves and boilers be installed by a certified 'DE' installer. Upon delivery you will receive a signed statement from the certified installer. This ensures that your device is installed by a qualified installer. The installer must regularly attend courses and exams that are audited and accredited on behalf of the government annually.