Bellfires stands for convenience and comfort. Just press the button and enjoy the beautiful fire and warmth of Bellfires.

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A Bellfires fire means convenience, atmosphere and comfort. The fireplaces of Bellfires are developed and produces in The Netherlands. The focus of a Bellfire gasfire is on safety & design. Safety is integrally guaranteed in the development process which has led to various patents. The many finishing touch possibilities result in the characterizing Bellfires design; classy and tailor-made in detail to your living style. With a Bellfires fireplace it's all about respecting the customer’s wishes, to create the fire of your dreams!

Premium fire

The fire created with the Premium Fire Burner is a very realistic one! Looking for the image of a wood fire, but do you want to enjoy your fire in an easy way? Maybe a gas fire created by the Premium Fire burner is just the fire you're looking for! Three burners are processed in the fire logs and makes it look like the fire really comes out of the logs.

The benefits of Premium Fire:

  • Three-dimensional fire image
  • Burners processed in fire logs
  • Ambience lighting provides a glow effect
  • Brightness is adjustable
  • Fire experience gets an extra dimension

A selection of Bellfires stoves

Bellfires Corner Bell Topsham 3
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A very realistic fire image, because of the use of the most modern burner techniques.
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Bellfires Unica-2 70
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This atmospheric insert fire is ideal for replacing an open fire.
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Bellfires Classic Bell Medium 3
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Closed gas fire with the charm of an open fire.
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