Solid quality stoves of Dutch origin. With an Altech soapstone stove you can enjoy the pleasant warmth for a long time.

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Altech is one of the top manufacturers of soapstone stoves. The history of Altech goes back over 35 years. All Altech stoves are completely built from soapstone in a cast iron frame. Soapstone has excellent heat retaining and conducting properties. That's why you can enjoy the warmth of fire for many hours, even when the fire isn't burning anymore. When you light a fire for 2 to 4 hours you can enjoy a crackling wood fire and a pleasant warmth for over 24 hours! That's what makes a soapstone stove a sustainable choice.

Unique smoke control system

Altech has developed an unique smoke control system. With this system the heat stays longer in the stove, so the gasses have more time to release their heat to the soapstone. That way you can enjoy the warmth of the fire even longer!

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