Fire symbolizes the beginning of our culture. Staring at the flames is pure magic. Spartherm brings this magic to life.

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The Spartherm woodstoves combine simple and timeless design with innovative techniques. It doesn’t matter if you're looking for an aquiferous, classic or extravagant woodstove, Spartherm has it all! Quality comes first. This is possible thanks to the skilled employees, technologically thought-through production and the selection of high quality materials. These characteristics are brought together in a contemporary design and that what makes a real Spartherm fire.


Helix (Greek for rotation, spiral) provides a prolonged heat storage for fires. The warm exhaust gasses rotate through the Helix and this creates a very sustainable heat release to the water reservoir in the fire. This warmth is released slowly, so you can enjoy a pleasant warmth for a long time.


  • Applicable to various insert fires
  • Lower energy costs
  • Eco-friendly solution

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